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The books are created and designed by Svetlana Bagdasaryan
Svetlana Bagdasaryan specializes in oil painting and covers wide variety of genre, from ballet and portraits to landscapes and still life pieces
(http://www.artcbeta.com). Svetlana has participated in several exhibitions worldwide. Her patrons include collectors from the U.S. as well as Western and Eastern Europe. Svetlana is also an experienced book designer under whose artistic supervision more than 200 books were published. Svetlana also created countless websites.

Dr. Gary Mikaelian has written many pages of scientific papers. But after his daughter was born he rediscovered himself as a writer of children's stories. He is the author of one of our bestselling books “The Giant Squid”.

Rushan Pilosian is a philologist, journalist, and a teacher of Armenian language and literature. He is the chairman of the Union of Crimean Armenian writers and a founding member, author and host of historical and cultural bilingual, musical and literary and musical radio programs. Rushan Pilosyan is an author, co-author, editor, and translator of many books in Armenian and Russian languages. Currently, in addition to writing poems and short stories, he writes and collects of unique anecdotes, and translates the works of Russian poets.